Pet Rescue Saga Cheats, Tips and Help

Pet Rescue Saga Cheats has the hints, cheats, walkthroughs and guides to help you beat every level of this game! Stuck on a level of Pet Rescue Saga? Need some tips on how to bring down all the pets? With over 400 levels of this game for iOS, Android and Facebook, there’s a lot standing between you and Pet Rescue domination. Don’t worry, we are just as addicted to this game as you are and we’ve put together walkthroughs of every level of this game and tips and tricks for the most difficult levels in Pet Rescue Saga!

pet rescue saga
To get started, check out our Pet Rescue cheats for all levels If you run out of lives, just follow our instructions on how to get free lives. Head on over to the blockers section to figure out the best strategy for cages, bombs, planks, and stone obstacles. Our Pet Rescue boosters guide will tell you all about the block buster, column blaster, line blaster, color pop, mesh masher and key. If you’re stuck on a particular level don’t sweat it! Our cheats, tips, and hints will help you beat the game!

What is Pet Rescue Saga?

Pet Rescue Saga is a free block-matching game by King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga! This game is available on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), Android as well as Facebook.

In this game, you need to save various pets from snatchers.  Each board is presented with a variety of colored blocks, tap (or double click) sets of  2-or-more similar colors to clear the blocks. The blocks cannot be moved or swapped–only existing color clusters of blocks can be cleared.

Each level of Pet Rescue Saga has a different objective–sometimes you need to clear at least 80% of the blocks, other times you need to meet a minimum score and sometimes you only have a set amount of moves to complete any objective.  Don’t forget about saving as many pets as you can! Protect pets from being taken by busting like-colored blocks and bringing the pets on your board down to the bottom!

If you have any extra moves or blocks after completing a level objective, you’ll earn bonus points!

You have five lives in Pet Rescue Saga and every time you fail a level objective, you lose a life. Lives refill every 30 minutes (or you can purchase a full set for $0.99).

Pet Rescue Saga also offers boosters, starting in level 6! Some of these boosters are earned as you get to more difficult levels and all of them can be purchased. These boosters are block busters (which can hammer away any one block on your board), rocket boosters (which will destroy one column on your board), color pop boosters (remove any one color from your board), line blasters (allows you to take out a row), and the mesh mash booster (which removes cages from blocks).

Pet Rescue Saga has almost 400 levels and with new elements and challenges frequently introduced, each level is trickier than the next! Pet Rescue Saga Cheats has the answers to every level of Pet Rescue Saga with tips, cheats and full walkthroughs.