Pet Rescue Level 100 Cheats and Tips

Read these cheats, hints, and tips to help you tackle this challenging level in Pet Rescue Saga. Can’t beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 100? Look no further – try these cheats and tips to get you past level 100 of Pet Rescue Saga. The goal on Level 100 of Pet Rescue Saga is to save 5 pets and score 25,000 points. The board layout consists of a stack of pets, diamond, and metal boxes on the left-hand side that are separated from the rest of the board. There are three bombs and a bunch of colored blocks on the right-hand section of the board.

Pet Rescue Level 100 Tip #1

Slide the bombs to the left.

  • Strategically pop blocks on the left side so that the bombs will slide to the small opening near the pets. Only use the bombs when they are close enough to blast away at least one metal block.