Pet Rescue Saga Level 124 Cheats and Tips

These Pet Rescue Saga cheats and tips will help you beat Pet Rescue Saga level 124. The objective of level 124 is to save 6 pets and score 20,000 points.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Pet Rescue Saga 124.

Level 124 Cheat #1: Try to get all the metal blocks in the same row.

Pet Rescue Saga level 124
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  • This is going to be quite tricky, but being as it is most likely the only way you can beat this level, it is your best bet. When starting out on level 124, make matches as normal the entire way down. However, try to get all the metal blocks beneath each pet into the same row as the line blaster booster. If they are all in the same row as the line blaster booster then you can clear them at once when you set off the line blaster booster, and your pets will be able to go home free. The metal blocks are the hardest blocker on this level, and once they are cleared the level is quite easy.