Pet Rescue Level 145 Cheats and Tips

Pet Rescue Saga Level 145 is a very challenging level. Here are cheats, hints, and tips for Level 145 of Pet Rescue Saga that can help you get past it. The goal on Level 145 is to save 2 pets and get 23,000 points. The layout of Level 145 consists of three sections. The right and left section are mostly made up of colored blocks, and each have a pet, a locked block, and a balloon. The center section consists of a column of caged blocks and a key at the top.

Pet Rescue Level 145 Tip #1

Make groups of same-color blocks as big as possible before bursting them.

  • This level offers a lot of opportunity to make massive groups of same-color blocks, and if you capitalize on it then that 23,000 point mark should be no problem to reach. Instead of bursting several medium sized groups of blocks, burst a bunch of small groups around one popular color to make the largest group possible for huge amounts of points.