Pet Rescue Level 244 Cheats and Tips

Is Level 244 in Pet Rescue Saga giving you trouble? Look no further! Read these cheats, hints, and tips to help you beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 244! The goal on Level 244 is to save 6 pets in 35 moves and score 12,000 points. The level layout consists of two sections, top and bottom. The top section has three colored caged pets, colored blocks, and caged blocks. The bottom section has three wooden caged pets, a few caged x2 multiplier blocks, and three time bombs on the bottom row with timers of 10, 11, and 20 moves.

Pet Rescue Level 244 Tip #1

Free the colored caged pets immediately.

  • While its hard to do much for the pets in wooden cages, freeing the pets in colored cages is quick and easy. Make this your first priority on the level. Try to do it in few enough moves so that any bombs don’t explode.