Pet Rescue Saga Level 279 Cheats and Tips

These Pet Rescue Saga cheats and tips will help you beat Pet Rescue Saga level 279. The objective of level 279 is to save 5 pets and score 25,000 points. At the start, the level layout consists of three different tiers of rows. The top three rows have several timer balloons with 41 move timers. They are followed by several rows filled with nothing but metal blocks Under the rows of metal blocks are a bunch of normal colored blocks with a few x2 multiplier blocks scattered around. There is one balloon without a timer between the rows of timer balloons and metal blocks.

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Level 279 Cheat #1: Rack up big combos for the Column Blaster Booster.

Pet Rescue Saga level 279
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  • In Pet Rescue Saga level 279, getting huge amounts of points is easy with all the x2 multiplier blocks at your disposal. Burst large groups with as many x2 multiplier blocks as possible to get the Column Blaster Booster easily.