Pet Rescue Level 289 Cheats and Tips

Read these cheats and tips to help you beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 289! Having trouble with level 289 of Pet Rescue Sage? Read these cheats, hints, and tips to get you past Pet Rescue Saga Level 289! The goal on Level 289 is to save 9 pets and score 17,000 points. The level layout consists of 9 pet cages all of the same color, one locked block in the top left corner, and several rotating Line Blaster Boosters (looks like a spring) in the left-most column and bottom row.

Pet Rescue Level 289 Tip #1

Use the bottom left Line Blaster Boosters to burst all the caged blocks near the bottom of the board.

  • The row of caged blocks near the bottom of the board will be really difficult to burst by simply grouping them with other blocks. Use the Line Blaster Boosters in the bottom left corner whenever they are facing the direction of this row of caged blocks until the blocks are completely free from their cages.