Pet Rescue Level 30 Cheats and Tips

Pet Rescue Saga level 30 is one of the trickiest ones to get past.  Your objective:  rescue 8 pets and score 15,000 points with only 55 moves.  If you are having trouble beating level 30 of Pet Rescue Saga, try these cheats and tips to help you get past this frustrating level!

Pet Rescue Level 30 Tip #1

Don’t let your pets get stuck on the side ledges

  • This is the number one tip for Pet Rescue Saga level 30 and is essential to beating it, because if you happen to get a pet stuck on the side ledge, you will find out very quickly that there is no way to bring them down to the bottom.  Not only that, but additional pets stop coming down from the top so you cannot beat the level.  Don’t let this happen to you but avoiding it in the first place – pay attention to the way your blocks are falling.  New pets fall when you have no pets or one pet on the board.  Your pet will not fall to the side if you do not make matches on the side, so aim on making your matches closer to the center of the board.

pet rescue level 30

  • Damian Small


  • Sherri Trunk

    my level 30 is not THIS. I have to clear 100% of the blocks. Need tips for that!!