Pet Rescue Level 320 Cheats and Tips

Read these cheats and tips to help you beat level 320 Pet Rescue Saga! Here are cheats, hints, and tips for Pet Rescue Saga Level 320! Use these cheats, hints, and tips to help you beat this challenging level 320! The goal on Level 320 is to save 6 pets and score over 18,000 points. At the start, the level layout is divided into three sections: a top section, a bottom-left section, and a bottom-right section. The top section is primarily filled by normal colored blocks, and it has a bottom row of caged rotating Line Blaster Boosters. The bottom-left section and the bottom-right section have all 6 pets, a few caged blocks, and a few metal blocks in the bottom row.

Pet Rescue Level 320 Tip #1

Start by bursting the cages on the rotating Line Blaster Boosters.

  • Getting the cages off the rotating Line Blaster Boosters is the first thing you should do when starting this level. Pop a few groups in the top section that are touching the caged boosters to burst their cages.