Pet Rescue Level 36 Cheats and Tips

Checkout these cheats and tips to help you beat level 36 of Pet Rescue Saga! Are you stuck on Pet Rescue Saga Level 36? Stop your search here – try these cheats and tips to get you through level 36 of Pet Rescue Saga. The goal on level 36 is to free 9 animals and score over 20000 points. The layout starts with four animals on ledges and two bombs in the bottom left and right corners.

Pet Rescue Level 36 Tip #1

Bombs are your best friend for level 36!

  • Bombs are a great way to get rid of large groups of blocks that don’t match up. Since you only have two in level 36, try to save them for when you absolutely need them to progress. Otherwise, burst as many groups of blocks as possible before using the bombs.