Pet Rescue Saga Level 368 Cheats and Tips

These Pet Rescue Saga cheats and tips will help you beat Pet Rescue Saga level 368. The objective of level 368 is to save 6 pets and get 10,000 points.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Pet Rescue Saga 368.

Level 368 Cheat #1: Shift bombs and keys to the left.

Pet Rescue Saga level 368
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  • Bombs are rare in Pet Rescue Saga level 368, so you need to save the two you have for something important. Chances are, that time will come when you get to the bottom of the level, where there are several metal boxes to destroy.
  • To get all the way to the bottom, it’s advisable to get the key quickly. You can speed this up by bringing the key over a couple of columns so it will fall on top of the locked boxes.