Pet Rescue Saga Level 43 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Pet Rescue Saga 43.

Level 43 Cheat #2: Get the pets as low to the ground as possible.

Pet Rescue Saga level 43
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  • When blasting blocks, it is important to try to make it so that the only thing separating the pets and the ground is the metal blocks. This way, when the Blaster Booster becomes available, you can simply blast each column to free a pet.

  • facebook

    After level 42 is completed, how many lives do you need to open level 43. I’m having trouble opening 43, anyone have an answer? this is for pet rescue saga.

    • Terry Ayers

      Yea I can’t open up level 43 what do I have to do to get it open

  • Susan Bayless Bosse

    Cannot get bridge repaired to go to level 43. Thought this problem was fixed.

  • Barbara Moore

    I just got to level 43 with no problem. Just can’t save those dang pets !

  • Barbara Moore

    3different people have to unlock you to get to 43

  • So Cal Val J

    follow the instructions, i cleared it on the first try