Pet Rescue Level 47 Cheats and Tips

These Pet Rescue level 47 cheats and tips will help you beat level 47 of Pet Rescue Saga! Stuck on Pet Rescue Saga Level 47? Look no further – try these cheats, tips, and strategy to get you past level 47 of Pet Rescue. The goal on level 47 is to save 6 pets and score 20,000 points. The level is set up with columns of springs and balloons separate from the rest of the board where the pets are.

Pet Rescue Level 47 Tip #1

Use the springs in the separated columns to blast rows with as many metal blocks as possible.

  • The metal blocks are a nuisance to get rid of, so before blasting a row with the spring, make sure you are going to blast as many metal blocks as possible. Blasting rows of colored blocks isn’t worth it, because they might become clusters down the road and can help you reach that 20,000 point mark.


  • Chrisie A Gray-Doty

    On level 47 you save 6 pets and need 20,000 points. On my computer, I need 80,000 points which is both wrong and impossible. Does anyone know who I contact about this to get it changed or what I can do about it? Thanks for any help you can send my way!

    • Sharon

      Same here GRRRRRRR

    • Anna Hill

      mine is the same, i think the example is wrong?