Pet Rescue Saga Level 476 Cheats and Tips

This is tip 2 of 4 for Pet Rescue Saga 476.

Level 476 Cheat #2: Don’t lose any pets.

Pet Rescue Saga level 476
  • Throughout the level, you will also need to collect keys. †The keys that are collected will be used to unlock the rows of locked squares. †Make this a priority whenever you see a locked row.
  • In parts of the level, you want to avoid the the blocks that will make you have to use a line booster.
  • Once you clear the the boxes, you will come across another row of locked boxes. †Unlock the key from the box and then use it against the locked boxes.
  • Try not to let any of the pets get stuck on boxes at the top of the board.†Try to keep the pets all together in order to collect them at the bottom. You do not want to lose any pets in this level.
  • The best way to collect the pets is to keep them all in one column. This will make bringing them down more easy.
  • Try to keep them on the left hand or right hand side. This way you will know where they are and how many more pets you will need to bring down and beat this level.