Pet Rescue Saga Level 49 Cheats and Tips

These Pet Rescue Saga cheats and tips will help you beat Pet Rescue Saga level 49. The objective of level 49 is to save 4 pets and score 30,000 points.

This is tip 1 of 4 for Pet Rescue Saga 49.

Level 49 Cheat #1: Use the Column Blaster Booster to free the keys and burst the metal blocks.

Pet Rescue Saga level 49
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  • The two main obstacles in this level are the sets of chained blocks and the metal blocks. When you have made enough matches to power it up, first use the Column Blaster Booster to free the keys to unlock the sets of chained blocks. If you have the Column Blaster Booster powered up but there are no more chained blocks, try to use it to knock out the metal blocks, because it is likely they will get in your way sooner or later.

  • Cassandra Jenkins

    So, based on watching the video, we need boosters to pass this level.