Pet Rescue Saga Level 59 Cheats and Tips

These Pet Rescue Saga cheats and tips will help you beat Pet Rescue Saga level 59. The objective of level 59 is to clear 85% of the blocks and score 15,000 points. Achieving the point goal on this level is not the most difficult part, since you are introduced to diamonds on this level, which are worth 1000 points each. The main reason this level is so hard is that the board is so small, so a lot of whether you beat the level or not depends on luck and the board you start with. However, there are so many variations the board can change to that are dependent on each and every move you make, which is where the careful planning and strategy come into play. Try these cheats and tips for Pet Rescue Saga Level 59 to help you get past this level!.

This is tip 1 of 3 for Pet Rescue Saga 59.

Level 59 Cheat #1: Aim for breaking open the key first.

Pet Rescue Saga level 59
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  • Since there is no easy place to start on this level, you should try and aim for matches that are going to make the key break open. This is an essential tip for level 59 of Pet Rescue Saga because if you don’t take care of this at the beginning, it can be very difficult to break it open further in the game. You need to break open the key on the level because the locked boxes count as blocks, so you not only will increase your percentage of blocks you need to beat the level, but it will also rearrange the board after the locked boxes are cleared, so that you can make new matches that were not available before. Since you need this to beat the level, this should be your first objective when beginning level 59. A good way to try and break the key open would be to make your matches towards the center columns on the board, since the key is located directly in the center column.