Pet Rescue Level 64 Cheats and Tips

Here are cheats, hints, and tips for Pet Rescue Saga Level 64! Is Level 64 giving you trouble? These cheats, hints, and tips can help you get past this puzzling level of Pet Rescue Saga. The goal on Level 64 is to save 4 pets and score 26,000 points. The board layout at the start of the level includes two Line Blaster Boosters on each side of the top row, a pet in the center of the top row, and a key block, a bomb, and several metal blocks in the center.

Pet Rescue Level 64 Tips #1

Use the Line Blaster Boosters strategically to knock out the metal blocks.

  • The metal blocks can be painful if they are blocking the pets from getting to the ground. Use the Line Blaster Boosters you are given at the beginning of the level to knock away the metal blocks only if you cannot find another way to get rid of them. One good time to use a Line Blaster Booster is at the start of the level: you can blast the metal blocks that are blocking the key from unlocking the first set of locked blocks.