Pet Rescue Level 82 Cheats and Tips

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Pet Rescue Saga Level 82 seems impossible at first.  Objective: rescue 5 pets.  The hard part about this level is rescuing the pets without letting them fall into the wooden crates.  You only have enough moves on the level for 1 rocket, and since there are no bombs, the only way to beat the level is to let only 1 pet fall into the crate, rescuing it by using your rocket.  So the trick with Pet Rescue Saga Level 82 is how you rescue the other 4 pets without letting them fall into the wooden crates.  There is a particular strategy needed in order to get through this level, so once you read these cheats and tips for level 82 of Pet Rescue Saga, you will be past the level in no time.

Pet Rescue Level 82 Tip #1

Using the ledges to your advantage


  • At the beginning of level 82, you immediately start with 2 pets that are directly underneath ledges.  These are the pets that are in between the center pet and the right or left hand side pets, which are protected under the higher ledges. Rescue these pets first.  Once you have rescued these 2 pets, the next trick to level 82 of Pet Rescue Saga is knowing how to move the remaining pets in unprotected columns over to any of the columns with ledges.
  • The 4 brick ledges are there to use to beat level 82 of Pet Rescue Saga.  You will notice that if you release a pet underneath one of these ledges (and there is not a wooden crate sitting between the ledge and the pet), the pet will be protected by the ledge.  It will not go to the very top of the board, but rather the top space that is right underneath the ledge.
  • Once you know this tip about  level 82 of Pet Rescue, you will find it is much easier to rescue all of the pets without getting them caught in the wooden crates. This means you should be focusing on making your matches at the bottom of the board.


pet rescue level 82

  • LeAnn Anderson

    Thank you SO MUCH for writing these tips out! Everyone else just shows videos of them completing the level, which aren’t very helpful because they’re hard to follow and the layout is a bit different every time you play the level. Having something I can actually read is far more helpful!

  • Heila

    I got 3 stars and 61000 score on level 42 but it won’t allow me to play level 43! Only option it gives is retry !! ??????

  • Carrie Lawlor

    Omg thank you so much, this was the only level I’ve spent any real amount of time to the point of obsession – as soon as my lives would fill up I’d blow them all on this level for about a full week, several times a day.
    Thank you

  • Yehuda Turner

    still doesn’t work. can’t get it

  • Angela Mizzero

    Thans beat it on the first try

  • Cindy Pouncey

    Thanks so much ! It made it easy once I read your tips.