Pet Rescue Level 89 Cheats and Tips

These Pet Rescue level 89 cheats and tips will help you beat level 89 of Pet Rescue Saga! Stuck on Pet Rescue Saga Level 89? Look no further – try these cheats, tips, and strategy to get you past level 89 of Pet Rescue. The goal in level 89 is to save 3 pets and score 14,000 points.

Pet Rescue Level 89 Cheats

Pet Rescue Level 89 Tip #1

Use the Line Blaster Booster to break all the metal blocks.

  • The biggest obstacle on this level is the sheer amount of metal blocks. Luckily, you are given an equally large amount of Line Blaster Boosters packed throughout the level to take care of them. Squeeze a Line Blaster Booster in with a row of metal blocks and take them out.

metal blocks

  • Bruce Stein

    There are only 3 pets which are easy cleared….Problem is that you need 4 pets….

    Obviously a glitch in the game set up that makes it impossible to pass…