Pet Rescue Level 96 Cheats and Tips

Read these cheats and tips to help you beat level 96 of Pet Rescue Saga! Stuck on Pet Rescue Saga Level 96?  Look no further – try these cheats and tips to get your past level 96 of Pet Rescue Saga.  The goal on level 96 is to save 14 pets and get 14,000 points. The level layout consists of two rows of caged pets near the center of the board and a few Line Blaster Boosters up top.

Pet Rescue Level 96 Tip #1

Use the Line Blaster Boosters to free as many pets as possible in the first few moves.

  • This level will be significantly easier if you can free the pets early on and not have to deal with the cages at the end. Do this by strategically popping blocks under the cages to drop Line Blaster Boosters into rows of caged pets.


  • Arcadia Bird

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